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    Describing Stair Climbing Dolly

    Stair Climbing DollyA stair climbing dolly or a hand truck is often used to move bulky objects with ease across smooth and flat surfaces. Basically, it is a handcart with handles in one end, a small ledge to place objects, and wheels on the base. A majority of dollies are equipped with stair climber wheels and are designed to go and up down a flight of stairs.

    Often constructed from tube steel or high impact plastics, a stair climbing dolly is designed to be both lightweight and rugged. As such, a single stair climbing dolly can withstand and carry around 300-800 lbs. of pressure.

    Moreover, a stair climbing dolly has numerous applications in various industries. Porters in train stations often use a stair climbing dolly to help passengers with their luggage. The same application may be readily observed among skycaps in airports. A stair climbing dolly easily takes the strain out of moving vending machines, household appliances, barrels, drums, safes, filing cabinets, air conditioners and a whole bunch of other industrial equipment.

    From mail delivery to grocery orders, a stair climbing dolly can easily reduce the number of men or women needed to accomplish a particular moving job. More importantly, a stair climbing dolly effectively eliminates the risk of back strain and other work-related best Stair Climbing Dollyinjuries, thus, providing individuals with a safer and more effective working environment. And because a stair climbing dolly enables a balanced movement of load from one point to the other, products and packages are safely distributed and stored, subsequently providing companies with labor savings and quality products.

    High profits from businesses often come from the effective management of labor and product. A stair climbing dolly is a first class lever that can literally deliver such results to a seasoned businessman or a budding entrepreneur. As such, these hand trucks are irreplaceable assets and are great investments for the continuity of a business.

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