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  • Describing Stair Climbing Dolly

    Stair Climbing DollyA stair climbing dolly or a hand truck is often used to move bulky objects with ease across smooth and flat surfaces. Basically, it is a handcart with handles in one end, a small ledge to place objects, and wheels on the base. A majority of dollies are equipped with stair climber wheels and are designed to go and up down a flight of stairs.

    Often constructed from tube steel or high impact plastics, a stair climbing dolly is designed to be both lightweight and rugged. As such, a single stair climbing dolly can withstand and carry around 300-800 lbs. of pressure.

    Moreover, a stair climbing dolly has numerous applications in various industries. Porters in train stations often use a stair climbing dolly to help passengers with their luggage. The same application may be readily observed among skycaps in airports. A stair climbing dolly easily takes the strain out of moving vending machines, household appliances, barrels, drums, safes, filing cabinets, air conditioners and a whole bunch of other industrial equipment.

    From mail delivery to grocery orders, a stair climbing dolly can easily reduce the number of men or women needed to accomplish a particular moving job. More importantly, a stair climbing dolly effectively eliminates the risk of back strain and other work-related best Stair Climbing Dollyinjuries, thus, providing individuals with a safer and more effective working environment. And because a stair climbing dolly enables a balanced movement of load from one point to the other, products and packages are safely distributed and stored, subsequently providing companies with labor savings and quality products.

    High profits from businesses often come from the effective management of labor and product. A stair climbing dolly is a first class lever that can literally deliver such results to a seasoned businessman or a budding entrepreneur. As such, these hand trucks are irreplaceable assets and are great investments for the continuity of a business.

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  • Info on Stair Climbing Hand Truck

    Stair Climbing Hand TrucksStair climbing hand truck are mainly used to carry loads up and down a flight of stairs. However, this nifty little device isn’t just used indoors. Stair climbing hand trucks are likewise used for moving objects on and off vehicles and loading docks.

    As such, stair climbing hand trucks have the capacity to move smoothly on flat surfaces while keeping the load in tow well balanced. Stair climbing hand trucks readily provide safety for both the operator and the load he or she is moving around. Hence, stair climbing hand trucks lessen the chances of back strain and other similar injuries.

    Any business that has to do with moving around heavy objects must avail of stair climbing hand trucks. From restaurants that have crates of food to delivery operators with parcels, stair climbing hand trucks are a vital part of the workforce’s efficiency. House movers and even grocery store owners may want to consider purchasing stair climbing hand trucks best Stair Climbing Hand Trucksas well.

    One single hand truck can help a team of movers and carriers to properly handle equipment and products. Often times, a two-man job becomes doable by one person because of stair climbing hand truck. In addition to this, stair climbing hand trucks effectively reduces the risk of breaking something due to delivery or storage manhandling.

    Moreover, there are various types of stair climbing hand trucks available in the market. It is important to note how heavy the materials will be, to be able to acquire the proper models of stair climbing hand trucks for a company.

    Stair climbing hand truck are staple tools in almost any form of business and have many vital applications when on the job. As such, investing in hand trucks will ultimately lead to labor savings and safer deliveries. Thus, paving the way for higher profits for any business or enterprise in the market.

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  • Let Hand Truck for Stairs Carry the Weight for You

    Hand Truck  StairsThere’s no way you’d love to carry heavy furniture sets through a flight of stairs with just your arms or back, right? That would surely be a Herculean fit in today’s time of mechanical and technological advantages. Well, you’ve got to be thankful you’re born in a time where a hand truck stairs had already been invented – you could just imagine your great grandparents carrying loads of their luggage and stuff upstairs with their backs.

    Indeed, the invention of the hand truck for stairs, in its own simple way, made it way easier and more convenient to transport heavy stuff through stairs and elevations. Now, you don’t have to break your back just to move a refrigerator or a closet upstairs – you simply need to pull at your hand truck for stairs and you’ll be amazed at how less exhausting it is to move those heavy things to your upstairs room.

    A hand truck stairs is usually made either of plastic or metal (often aluminum or steel) and which is better between the two depends much on your preferences. Plastic ones are cheaper but a metal hand truck for stairs tends best Hand Truck  Stairsto be more durable.

    A popular option today for buying these ‘stair climbing’ hand trucks is through online shopping. Many websites today offer different models of a hand truck for stairs and you can easily pick which type suit your needs and preferences. The three basic things that you just have to watch out for when you’re buying a hand truck for stairs is to determine the right size for your need, the right kind for the stuff that you would be transporting and of course, your budget.

    The good thing about online shopping is you could compare prices from different websites and choose which one offers the best deal. You just have to be careful though in choosing the seller – make sure you’re dealing with a registered one.


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  • Aluminum Hand Trucks: Why they could be more Advantageous than the Plastic Ones

    Aluminum Hand TrucksHand trucks are oftentimes classified into two kinds: the aluminum hand trucks and the plastic ones. Of course, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages and which type you select will depend much on your needs and preferences. If, however, you are looking for a safe choice between the two, you’re bound to get a safer choice with aluminum hand trucks.

    Okay, so here’s a fact: plastic hand trucks, more often than not, are a lot cheaper compared to the aluminum ones. Their disadvantage, though, is they tend to be less durable than their aluminum and steel counterparts and, in the long run, may prove to be more costly if you have to keep on buying new models every now and then.

    On the other hand, aluminum hand trucks are known for their durability and long-lasting capacity. They may not be as cheap as the plastic ones, but you don’t have to replace them every so often either, hence, you’ll actually bound to save more in the long run. And because they are more durable, you’re putting yourself too at lesser risk of encountering accidents (like the carts suddenly breaking off best Aluminum Hand Trucksbecause of the weight of the load) while you’re using them. This makes aluminum hand trucks the more popular choice among store owners and delivery men for transporting their goods and stuffs.

    The only thing you have to pay attention to with these aluminum hand trucks is their proper maintenance. Because they’re made of metal, they’re susceptible to rusting and dents and scratches. Rusts, in particular, is one of the primary concerns that might influence the performance of your aluminum hand trucks. Fortunately, maintenance of these metal hand trucks is considerably easier as you could always find lubricants and other anti-corrugation chemicals to apply to the trucks regularly.

    You could get more information about these aluminum hand trucks, particularly in purchasing them, through online searches. Check them on the Web now!


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  • Manual vs. Motorized Stair Climber Hand Truck

    stair climber hand truckIf you or your business frequently move things up and down steps, you may want to consider getting a stair climber hand truck to use. By adding one of these to the list of equipment that you use daily, you will save not only time, but also money and back injuries.

    There are three different types of stair climber hand trucks on the market. Naturally, the more features you get with one, the more it will cost you initially. The three types are: the stair climber hand truck attachment kit, the manual style stair climber hand truck and finally, the motorized stair climber hand truck.

    The attachment kit was made to bolt on to a standard style hand truck in order to assist the operator with moving things on steps or curbs. This is the option that costs the least amount not only because the kit is low cost, but because you most likely already have a standard moving dolly to attach it to.

    If you don’t already own a standard type of hand truck, you should skip this option and go on to the others because youmanual type of stair climber hand truck will not be saving anything when compared to getting an all-in-one manual style stair climber hand truck.

    The all-in-one manual type of stair climber hand truck basically works the same as the attachment type, except that you don’t have to attach anything. The stair climber assisting mechanism has already been built into the equipment right from the manufacturer. This option costs at least double the price of the attachment kit, but can generally hold more weight as well.

    Finally, the granddaddy of stair climber hand trucks is the motorized version. Adding one of these to your business is like adding another employee to the workforce, but you only have to pay for it once and it keeps working. Items that would normally require 2, or even 3 people, to move the old way can be moved by only 1 person using a motorized stair climber hand truck.

    Although it can cost well into the thousands of dollars initially, in the long run it will eventually save you money and will turn out to be a good investment.

    These units can do 100 percent of the lifting, depending on the model and brand you get. Using that kind of equipment you can almost totally elimodel and brand stair climber hand truckminate back injuries to you or your employees. These hand trucks usually come with controls that are easily manipulated with the operator’s fingertips. Another nice feature is the auto brake system. While going up or down steps with it, it can sense the edges of the stairs and will lock in the wheels so that the load and the truck don’t roll backwards or forwards.

    Some models not only include the stair climbing assistance options, but also a loading dock leveling system and a fully powered tailgate lifting system, all in one unit.

    With the motorized stair climber hand truck, one operator can safely move major appliances, vending machines, hot water tanks, office equipment and more.


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